Grants Awarded

COVID-19 Response

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Trends across North Carolina and the Impact of COVID-19, Lauren Fox, Ph.D., Ashley Kazouh, MSW/MPA, and Adam Hollowell, Ph.D.

Trust for Learning Supporting Equitable Educator Development (SEED) Fund

Pre-K through 12 Education and COVID-19: Landscape Analysis of Impact Indicators, Ashley Kazouh; Adam Hollowell, Ph.D.; Lauren Fox, Ph.D.; Keisha Bentley-Edwards, Ph.D. Final report available here.

Ensuring Equitable Access to Childcare Amidst Covid-19, Dan Wuori, Ph.D.

Guidance to K-12 Education on Responding to COVID-19, Natacha Blain, J.D., Ph.D.


Proposal to Design the Data Monitoring System and Monitoring Process for Assessing Compliance with the Leandro Requirements, Susan Mudry, EdM


Creating Conditions for Success: Expanding and Deepening State Leadership on Early Learning, Javaid Siddiqi, Ph.D.

North Carolina Strategic Research Capacity and Partnership Initiative, Jenni Owen

Creating Elected Champions of Early Childhood, The Hunt Institute

Every Child, Every State: Building Early Childhood Systems Across America, The Hunt Institute

Ripeness for Change: An Analysis of States’ Readiness for Equity Policy Reform, Shantel Meek, PhD

Consensus Study

Exploring the Opportunity Gap for Young Children Birth to Age Eight, Natacha Blain, J.D., Ph.D.

Program Evaluations

Police Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms in the Era of Black Lives Matter, Allison Sterling Henward, Ph.D.

Racial Equity in Discipline for Black Students (REIDBS), Dorinda Carter Andrews, Ph.D.

Early Career Mentoring and Research Capacity for the Baby’s First Years Study, Greg Duncan, Ph.D.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Food for Thought Program, Dr. Diana Leyva, Davidson College

Evaluating the Effects of Music Education Programming in Low-Income Communities: A Randomized Control Study, Dr. Jessica Sperling, Duke University

Family Influences on the Effectiveness of the Pre-Kindergarten Program in Baltimore City, Dr. Brenda Harden, University of Maryland

Involving Parents in Children’s Learning and Perceptions of Math Through Games, Dr. Marin Buschkuehl, MIND Research Institute

Early Bridges: Impact of a Preschool Theater Arts Program on Low Income Preschoolers’ School Readiness Skills, Dr. Amy Susan-Stillman, University of Minnesota

Evaluating Co-Constructuve Elaborative Storytelling for African and African-American Preschoolers, Drs. Adina Schick and Gigliana Melzi, New York University

Enhancing Child Development Through a University-Library Partnership: Evaluation of  Books Can…, Dr. Michelle Taylor, Arizona State University

Development and Effectiveness of the Minnesota Math Corps, Dr. David Parker, ServeMinnesota

Food for Thought: Children Learning from Menus, Recipes, and Shopping Lists, Dr. Diana Leyva, Davidson College

Improving Self-Regulation and School Readiness in Preschoolers, Dr. Leanne Tamm, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Collaborative Coaching: Improving Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Achievement in High Poverty Schools, Dr. Linda Reddy, Rutgers

Oral Stories in the Classroom: Encouraging Preschool Teachers’ Use of Cultural Funds of Knowledge, Drs. Gigliana Melzi and Adina Schick, New York University

Partnerships for Each Childhood Curriculum Development: Readiness Through Intergrative Science and Engineering (RISE), Drs. Christine McWayne and Jayanthi Mistry, Tufts University

Literacy, Learning and Technology in Middle School, City University of New York

Figuring it Out for the Child: Co-parenting Alliances Among Expectant Unmarried African American Parents, Dr. James McHale, University of South Florida

East Durham Children’s Initiative, Duke University

Family Academy: Researchers and Practitioners Improving Outcomes for 0-3 Year Olds, Dr. Lauren Martin, University of Minnesota

Educare Randomized Control Trial and Age 5 Assessments, Drs. Noreen Yazejian and Donna Bryant, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Public Montessori Teacher Professional Development, Reading Diverse Families, Desirable Schools: Public Montessori in the Era of School ChoiceMira Debs, Ph.D.

Refinement of the Assessing Classroom Sociocultural Equity Scale for Individual Children (ACSES-SNAPSHOT) for Montessori Classrooms, Dr. Stephanie M. Curenton, Boston University

Developing an Observation Instrument for the Implementation of Montessori Practices, Dr. Angela K. Murray, University of Kansas Center for Montessori Research

Montessori Research Initiative, Child Trends, Furman University, University of Kansas

Montessori Research Retreat, Dr. Angela K. Murray, University of Kansas Center for Montessori Research

Public Montessori Preschool Outcomes in a Low-Income Community, Dr. Angeline Lillard, Universtiy of Virginia

Other Research

Improving Early Childhood Programs Through the Creation of Field-Building Tools: EC PRISM, Tyson Barker, Ph.D.

Expansion of ACSES: Evaluation of psychometric properties of the Assessing Classroom Sociocultural Equity Scale (ACSES-Global, ACSES-Snapshot, ACSES-Voice), Stephanie M. Curenton, Ph.D.

A Unified Assessment System to Inform Early Care and Education (ECE): Professional Development and Instructional Practices in New York City, Dr. LaRue Allen, New York University