Ripeness for Equity Policy Change: A Nationwide State Landscape Analysis

10/15/2020 – 4/15/2021


The Children’s Equity Project, in partnership with the National Association for the Education of Young Children,
conducted a landscape analysis of state policy opportunities across several key levers such as compensation and
child care subsidy reimbursement rates, quality rating and improvement systems, Pre-K standards, and
investment decisions from the American Rescue Plan Act. The goal was to identify states ripe for policy change in
order to inform a more effective and efficient strategy to advance equity at the state level. Together, we
conducted a review of all 50 state child care and Pre-K webpages to identify new policy opportunities and
queried state advocates and child care and Pre-K state personnel to gain insights into policy changes and
opportunities in states. In all, we compiled information from 40 individuals from 20 states. Our analysis enabled
us to better understand the national landscape of policy opportunities at the state level and will serve as an
important building block to inform our shared goals of advancing equity via policy in early care and education