Brady Education Foundation

Mission: The Brady Education Foundation seeks to close the educational opportunity gaps associated with race, ethnicity and family income. The Foundation pursues its mission by promoting collaboration among researchers, educators, and other stakeholders via the funding of research and program evaluations that have the potential of informing private funders and public policy.

The Foundation is particularly focused on the evaluation of programs that are feasible and sustainable (i.e., can work and be maintained in the real world of educational settings and systems), accessible (i.e., are available to and attainable by the families that need them), and strength-based (i.e., recognize not only the challenges that minoritized families and those with low economic resources face but also the strengths that develop within diverse cultural contexts that can be capitalized upon to promote strong academic outcomes).

The current direct and structural racism experienced by communities of color in general and Black communities in particular is horrific, as are the hundreds of years that have led to it. It must stop. Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity.