Improving Early Childhood Programs Through the Creation of Field-Building Tools

7/1/2021 – 12/31/2021


This grant supported the EC PRISM team, formerly within the Center for Translational Neuroscience at the University of Oregon and currently under the auspices of the Institute for Child Success, to improve their work in empowering early childhood organizations around measurement and evaluation. Specifically, this grant supported a review and revision of the Cultural Relevance category of the scoring system of the IMPACT Measures Tool. To accomplish this goal, EC PRISM conducted empathy interviews and focus groups with multiple stakeholders (e.g., academic experts, practitioners, caregivers of young children) to better understand the various components that create a culturally relevant measure. Key takeaways and recommendations can be found here. In addition, the EC PRISM team created user-centered tools and resources posted for free on their website. Specifically, the Journey Map Tool is a web tool where website users will be asked a series of questions about their educational program to inform the stage of evidence gathering. The Theory of Impact Resource Guide will assist website users in understanding the importance of using a theory of impact for early education programs. Project leader is Tyson Barker, Ph.D., Director, EC PRISM.