Evaluating Co-Constructive Elaborative Storytelling for African and African-American Preschoolers

9/16/2016 – 8/31/2018


Co-Constructive Elaborative Storytelling is a classroom storytelling program that trains teachers to bridge home-school practices by using rich, elaborative language as they incorporate oral storytelling interactions during their circle-time routines. CET draws on home and community-based cultural oral discourse practices to support children’s development of oral language, early literacy and socio-emotional skills necessary for a successful transition to formal schooling. The current evaluation project aims to: 1) adapt Co-Constructive Elaborative Storytelling (CET) for use in preschool classrooms serving low-income African-heritage children, and 2) assess the efficacy of CET in supporting children’s school readiness skills. The investigative team is led by Drs. Adina Schick and Gigliana Melzi from New York University.