Involving Parents in Children’s Learning and Perceptions of Math Through Games

1/1/2017 – 12/31/2017


This project aims to increase family interactions around mathematical thinking among low-income Latino and African-American families by engaging them in activities that integrate problem solving, memory challenges, and productive struggle. Building on research that shows the level of math at home and parent math anxiety are important predictors of children’s achievement, MIND Research Institute has created Family Math Nights featuring ancient games from the South of the Sahara region of Africa for schools and afterschool partners. To continue the excitement and momentum that emerge from these events, the project team will develop a Home Kit of activities to promote mathematical thinking and assess the impact of our design in collaboration with other educators and families. Dr. Cathy Tran, Principal Investigator, and Dr. Martin Buschkuehl, Co-Principal Investigator, are both at MIND Research Institute.