Creating the Conditions for Success: Expanding and Deepening State Leadership on Early Learning

7/1/2020 – 6/30/2021: $25,000

7/1/2021 – 76/30/2022: $30,000

2020-2021: The Hunt Institute hosted its 2020 Early Childhood Leadership Summit in December 2020 with content
differentiated for 12 new state teams and 15 returning state teams, totaling 259 participants over the two-day
Summit. New state teams were introduced to the basics of early childhood brain science, state governance
structures and the prenatal to three policy landscape, as well as a closing “fireside chat” featuring Governor
Jared Polis (D-Colorado), Governor Mike Parson (R-Missouri), and Governor Phil Bryant (R-Mississippi). Returning
states were exposed to content on early childhood as an investment in equity, state funding mechanisms and
the impact of COVID-19 on the American child care industry, and a fireside chat featuring Senator Tim Kaine (D3
Virginia), Governor Ralph Northam (D-Virginia), Governor Jim Douglas (R-Vermont), and Lieutenant Governor
Howie Morales (D-New Mexico). Following the Summit, The Hunt Institute provided technical assistance to state teams, supported early childhood governance transitions in Alabama, New Mexico, Delaware, Missouri, and North Dakota, early childhood legislative caucus work in North Carolina, Oregon, Arkansas, and Michigan, and provided COVID-related technical assistance to state teams across the nation.

2021-2022: With support from The Brady Education Foundation, The Hunt Institute’s early childhood scope of work with state elected leaders from across the nation continues to grow and thrive. Over the preceding 12 months, The Institute grew its state technical assistance model, seating 39 teams of policymakers for a virtual 2021 Early Childhood Leadership Summit in September of 2021, supported outreach to bipartisan candidates in 36 ending gubernatorial elections – equipping each with information need to effectively and knowledgably lead on early childhood, supported intensive early childhood advisory committees in Delaware and North Dakota, expanded its State Legislators Retreat model to 2 additional states (Illinois, Oklahoma), included high-quality early childhood content at both its Governors Education Symposium and Hunt Kean Leadership Fellows, created a
virtual Governors’ Early Childhood Policy Advisors’ Network, launched a new Early Childhood Policy Academy in
Partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and hosted 18 online early childhood events (the Early Efforts web series).