Resisting Asian-American Racism: Empowering Korea American Families through the F2F Suda Program

10/1/2024 – 9/30/2026


Families are uniquely positioned to capture the nuanced voices of young children on sensitive topics of race and racism as insiders to children’s lives. This research seeks to explore how Korean American families with young children address and discuss race and racism beyond the school system, aiming to support their children’s understanding of being Americans. The research aims to 1) develop a measure through adapting the established survey instruments for the perspectives of Korean American families with young children, 2) to conduct a community-needs assessment of Korean American families with the adapted survey instrument, and 3) to develop and assess the Family-to-Family (F2F) Suda program. To support and empower Korean American families through the F2F Suda Program, our research is building upon a culturally responsive/sustaining and strength-based approach called Suda as a unique Korean cultural practice. This research is intended to support Korean American families in promoting healthy identity development of their children and addressing the issues of race and racism. It also seeks to empower their agencies and open discussions for other racial-ethnic minoritized groups of children.

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Jinhee Kim (Kennesaw State University, GA) and the co-PI is Dr. Sophia Han (University of South Florida, Tampa, FL).