Proposal to Design the Data System and Monitoring Process for Assessing Compliance with the Leandro Requirements

6/1/2020 – 8/1/2020


For this project, WestEd and its advisors, Dr. Iheoma Iruka, Research Professor, Department of Public Policy Fellow, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG), Founding Director, Equity Research Action Coalition at FPG and Dr. Glenn Kleiman, Professor and Senior Faculty Fellow, NC State University developed a reporting template with a comprehensive set of data points that will be used by the state to report on its implementation of court-ordered actions aimed at increasing access to a sound basic education for all children in the state of North Carolina. The project team reviewed sources of available state data and specified the student opportunity to learn and achievement outcomes to be reported, and also identified milestones for the actions being taken by the state to address the long-standing Leandro case. The project team also consulted with state officials to develop and recommend a schedule of public reports that will be provided to the NC Court overseeing the Leandro case. This work will enable education stakeholders and the public to have quarterly updates on the state’s actions and progress in ensuring all students have equitable access to a sound basic education.