Ripeness for Equity Policy Change: A Nationwide State Landscape Analysis

10/15/2020 – 4/15/2021


Amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, and the resulting impacts on state and federal policy and budgets, ECE state advocates remain at the forefront of creating and engaging in opportunities to build a stronger, more equitable early childhood system. From statewide needs assessments to market rate surveys, and licensing regulations to QRIS revisions, there are crucial state policy levers that provide opportunities to operationalize recommendations that advance equity. The Children’s Equity Project, in partnership with the National Association for the Education of Young Children, with generous funding from the Brady Education Foundation, will conduct a landscape analysis of state policy opportunities. This landscape analysis will directly inform a national strategy to implement policies that build more equitable early care and education systems. Partners will collect data from state policymakers, advocates, and public information sources to better understand which states are ripest for policy change. This work builds on the Children’s Equity Project and Bipartisan Policy Center’s Start with Equity report, that outlines an actionable equity policy agenda targeted at federal, state, and local policymakers. This landscape analysis will be under the direction of Shantel Meek, PhD, Professor, Arizona State University.