The Brady Education Foundation seeks to close the achievement and resulting opportunity gap between children living in under-resourced and/or under-represented communities and other children. The Foundation pursues its mission by promoting collaboration between researchers and educators via the funding of program evaluations in education that have the potential of informing public policy and private funding. The Foundation is particularly focused on the evaluation of programs that are consistent with a strength-based approach and show promise of being feasible, accessible, effective and sustainable. 
Dr. Angeline Lillard from the Univesity of Virginia describes her recently published Brady Education Foundation funded research in the Dallas Morning News in a article entitled, "New Study Shows Montessori can level the playing field for low-income kids." 

BEF announces a five-year $3 million initiative to investigate the impact of Montessori Education in Public Schools. 

During this initiative, the Foundation will continue to accept applications for New Existing Program Evaluation, however, the Foundation will not accept New Program Development Applications at this time.